Public Notices, Agendas and Minutes

Please contact ARPA Office Manager for information about the Public Notices, Agendas or Minutes for Board of Directors meetings.

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Schedule of 2023 ARPA Board of Directors regular meetings

Meeting Notices – 2023

May 25-Board of Directors
May 18-Operating Committee
April 12-Operating Committee
March 30-Operating Committee POSTPONED
March 30-Operating Committee
February 23-Board of Directors
February 21-Operating Committee

Meeting Notices – 2022

December 1-Board of Directors (includes notice of budget hearing)
November 14-Operating Committee
Notice of Proposed 2023 Budget
October 27-Board of Directors
October 20-Operating Committee
October 12-Operating Committee RESCHEDULED
August 25-Board of Directors
August 10-Operating Committee
June 6-Operating Committee
May 26-Board of Directors
May 19-Operating Committee
February 24-Board of Directors; Includes notice of Public Hearing for Integrated Resource Plan (IRP)

Meeting Notices – 2021

December 2-Board of Directors including BUDGET HEARING
November 18-Operating Committee
October 28-Board of Directors
Notice of Proposed 2022 Budget
September 30-Board of Directors
September 15-Operating Committee
August 26-Board of Directors
August 19-Operating Committee
July 29-Board of Directors
July 9 Board of Directors Special Meeting
May 27-Board of Directors
May 18-Operating Committee
April 29-Board of Directors
March 25-Board of Directors
March 4-Operating Committee
February 25-Board of Directors
February 18-Operating Committee
January 28-Board of Directors
January 14-Board of Directors Special Meeting CANCELLED
January 14-Board of Directors Special Meeting

Meeting Notices – 2020

December 3 Regular Meeting and Budget Hearing
December 1-Operating Committee
November 19-Board of Directors Special Meeting
Notice of 2021 Budget
October 29-Board of Directors
September 24-Board of Directors
August 27-Board of Directors
August 26-Operating Committee
July 30-Board of Directors
July 15-Board of Directors Special Meeting
July 15-Operating Committee
May 28-Board of Directors
May 20-Operating Committee
April 30-Board of Directors
April 22-Operating Committee