The Arkansas River Power Authority Proudly Serves

  • Who We Are

    The Arkansas River Power Authority (ARPA) is a non-profit Public Power utility that supplies reliable wholesale electric power and transmission services to the southeast Colorado communities of Holly, La Junta, Lamar, Las Animas, Springfield and Trinidad. These ARPA members are also not-for-profit Public Power communities. Unlike larger, investor-owned utilities, ARPA was formed and is owned by the communities it serves. The rates and rate structure of ARPA and its members are determined at the local community level and at the sole discretion of their governing boards and city councils. Local control working in the best interest of their communities.

  • Our Mission

    To promote the long-term economic well being of our municipal members and their consumers by providing a dependable and competitively priced supply of wholesale electric power in an environmentally sound manner.

  • Location

    ARPA is headquartered in Lamar. We own electric emergency backup generation facilities in Trinidad and Holly, and wind turbines in Prowers and Baca Counties.

Benefits of ARPA

Southeast Colorado sits far from other generation sources. Unlike communities that rely on contracts with larger, investor-owned utilities, ARPA communities know where their power is coming from for decades to come. Other benefits to our members include:

  • Stable Prices: Regional power supply prices fluctuate based on supply and demand. Our portfolio of energy has stable prices and competitive rates for southeastern Colorado.
  • Locally-Managed and Controlled: Member communities direct our governing board, made up of officials from every community. Business is conducted in meetings open to the public.
  • Economic Development: Local utility payments to city general funds far exceed fees paid by investor-owned utilities in the towns and cities they serve. Local utilities help build parks, pools and community centers.
  • Operating Committee-Mutual Aid: On a quarterly basis, the electric superintendents of the ARPA member municipalities meet to review current operational issues and opportunities. One of the more critical elements of operations is Mutual Aid between the members. The ARPA members work together in many aspects including conducting safety training exercises, purchases of specialized safety training equipment, responding to storm related emergencies, natural disasters and power outages, and building new infrastructure.
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