Integrated Resource Plan (IRP)

The Arkansas River Power Authority is in the process of preparing its 2017 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), as required by the Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) under its Energy Planning and Management Program (EPAMP).  The IRP will consider all practicable energy efficiency and energy supply resource options to meet future needs. The IRP must adhere to several criteria, which are listed on the WAPA website under the IRP section.  ARPA is working with an outside consultant to complete the IRP and submit it to WAPA by June 1, 2017.

One of the requirements of EPAMP is to “provide ample opportunity for full public participation.”  ARPA will be accepting written and verbal comments from affected retail customers of the six ARPA communities at the March and April 2017 meetings.  A public presentation of the draft IRP will be given at the April 27, 2017 meeting and public comment will be solicited immediately after the presentation and for a ten working day period after the April meeting. At the end of the comment period, all comments received from the public will be reviewed and, if necessary, changes will be incorporated into the IRP. The final IRP will be approved at a public meeting of the ARPA Board of Directors in Holly, Colorado on May 25, 2017. The meeting will be held at the Holly Senior and Community Center at 129 South Main Street, Holly, Colorado.

Interested parties may provide written comments directly to ARPA outside of the listed public meetings by sending them electronically or via US Mail to the following address:

Rick Rigel

General Manager

Arkansas River Power Authority

P O Box 70

Lamar, CO 81052

You may view a copy of the Arkansas River Power Authority’s 2012 Integrated Resource Plan here.